We all know the stigma that surrounds the sale of any used car, let alone buying one from a used car dealer. The lies, half truths and the like are seemingly endless. At B&B Auto Sales, we are committed to not only providing our customers with the most professional experience possible, but striving to change the idea that honesty and integrity cannot be found in our industry.

Welcome the FACT PACK!

What is the FACT PACK? Imagine walking into a used car dealership, and asking the salesperson to show you the CARFAX report, an inspection report performed by the dealership prior to the car being placed for sale, the paper copies of all work the dealership has done as a result of the pre-sale inspection and the work that may need to be addressed in the future. Imagine that! Well that is what every customer that intends to purchase a car at B&B Auto Sales can expect. Complete and full mechanical disclosure on every car every day. Period.

The FACT PACK is an actual folder which will contain the following:

  1. Complete CARFAX history report
  2. A copy of the comprehensive 40 point inspection report performed on every vehicle being offered for sale on our lot. This is actually the report that tells us if a car meets our standards to be retailed to a customer, or simply sold at auction.
  3. The actual paper copies of all work orders pertaining to that vehicle. Basically, this is where you get to see exactly what work we put into that particular car…..In writing.

Stop by our lot and ask to see the FACT PACK for the car of your choice today!!